Temporary WiFi

We can provide temporary WiFi, both indoors and outdoors. This is ideal anything from events, to a popup stall or shop.

Temporary Network

From a basic network with two or three clients, through to complex networks with multiple VLANs, we have experience at it all.

Temporary internet

There are multiple ways we can get a temporary internet connection to your network. We have a variety including 4G, PTP from a fixed line, and satellite.


Even though we specialise in temporary WiFi and networks, that’s not all we do! We also have experience at fixed installations, from just installing a wireless…


Is your network feeling a bit slow or think it needs updating? We can help with updating software or upgrading current networks to the latest technology.


If you’re just after advice, we can help. Get in touch now.

wifi mast

We don’t just do networking and IT. We come from a background of events, and have a whole range of skills from production, event mangement and IT. This is why we feel to be amongst the best, as our staff have multiple skillsets and therefore are able to be accomadating to third parties. 

And we can also offer hardware at competitive prices. We are able to get prices for almost any network and IT equipment, including Ubiquiti, Cisco, HP, and many more.